What is the synonym of graphic

What is the synonym of graphic?

Some synonyms for “graphic” include:

Pictorial: A picture or drawing is made to show something or decorate a text or document. For example, a book might have pictures to help explain the story or make it more interesting.

Illustrative: Using evidence or examples to help explain or clarify something. For instance, an illustrative graphic in a presentation might show data or statistics to back up a claim or argument.

Visual: Having to do with seeing or being able to see. A visual graphic could be anything that can be seen, like a chart, graph, photo, or diagram.

Diagrammatic: In the form of an illustration. A diagrammatic graphic could be a flowchart, a map, or some other kind of picture that shows how different parts or elements fit together.

Representational: Representing or showing something in a way that is true or accurate. A representational graphic could be a photo or drawing that shows how something looks in real life.

All these words have to do with something that can be shown in a picture or a diagram. “Graphic” is often used to mean any visual representation of information, while the other words may be more specific, depending on the situation. For example, “illustrative” could describe a graphic that shows a concept or idea. In contrast, “diagrammatic” could describe a graphic that shows how different parts or elements relate to each other.

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