What is the purpose of a graphic?

What is the purpose of a graphic?

A graphic’s purpose is to show information visually. Graphics can show how something works, make data or ideas easier to understand, or make a document or presentation more interesting. Graphics can be made with text, images, charts, diagrams, and illustrations, among other things.

There are many different kinds of graphics, and each one is good for a different thing. For instance:

  • Charts and graphs are used to visually show data and patterns, trends, and relationships in the data.
  • Maps show how an area is laid out and what it looks like.
  • Diagrams are used to show how different parts or ideas fit together.
  • Illustrations are a styled or artistic way to show things, people, or scenes.
  • Infographics combine text, charts, and other visual elements to show information in a way that is both clear and interesting to look at.
  • In general, the point of a graphic is to help show information in a way that is clear, concise, and pleasing to the eye.

Here are a few more details about the purposes of different types of graphics:

Charts and graphs:

  • Charts and graphs are used to represent data in a visual format. They allow readers to quickly understand patterns, trends, and relationships within the data.
  • There are many different types of charts and graphs, each of which is suited to a specific type of data. For example:
    • A bar chart is used to compare values across categories.
    • A line chart is used to show trends over time.
    • A pie chart is used to show proportions or percentages.
    • A scatter plot is used to show the relationship between two variables.


  • Maps are used to show the layout and features of a specific area. They can include physical features such as mountains, rivers, and lakes, as well as man-made features such as roads, buildings, and political boundaries.
  • Maps can be used to show the location of a specific place or to help people navigate from one place to another. They can also be used to show the distribution of certain features or data across an area.


  • Diagrams are used to show the relationships between different parts or concepts. They are often used to explain how things work, or to show the structure of an organization or system.
  • Examples of diagrams include:
    • Flowcharts, which show the steps in a process or the flow of information.
    • Organizational charts, which show the hierarchy and relationships within an organization.
    • Technical diagrams, which show the components and functions of a device or system.


  • Illustrations are used to depict objects, people, or scenes in a stylized or artistic way. They can be used to add visual interest to a document or to help convey information in a more engaging way.


  • Infographics are used to combine text, charts,

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