What do you mean graphics

What do you mean graphics?

Graphics are pictures that show facts, ideas, or information. Charts, diagrams, maps, drawings, and photos can be part of them. Graphics are often used to help people understand information or to show how something works.

Graphics come in many different forms, such as:

  • Charts and graphs: are pictures of data usually used to compare or contrast different values or trends.
  • Diagrams: are pictures or drawings that show how different parts or elements connect.
  • Maps: are graphical representations of an area or region. They often show roads, rivers, mountains, and other natural features.
  • Drawings: are works of art that show things, people, or scenes. They are often made by hand or with software.
  • Images: These are pictures of things or places usually taken with a camera or software.

Graphics can be made with various tools and methods, such as hand drawing, drafting software, graphic design software, and photography. They can be used in education, marketing, journalism, and design, among other things.

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