What are the 9 types of Graphic

What are the 9 types of Graphic?

Advertising Graphic Design: Graphic design for advertising means making things like banners, posters, and commercials that can be seen. The goal of advertising graphic design is to get people’s attention and convince them to do something, like buy a product or go to a website.

Environmental Graphic Design: Environmental graphic design makes signs, wayfinding systems, and other visual elements for the built environment. Environmental graphic design tries to improve the user’s experience and give them a sense of where they are.

Publication Graphic Design: Publication graphic design is making images for books, magazines, brochures, and other printed or digital publications. The goal of publication graphic design is to make a layout that makes sense, looks good, and helps people understand what the publication is about.

Motion Graphic Design: Motion graphic design is the process of making graphics that move or have elements of movement. Motion graphics are often used in videos or interactive media to add visual interest and communicate information in a lively way.

Corporate Graphic Design: Corporate graphic design makes logos, business cards, and letterheads for a company’s branding and identity. The goal of corporate graphic design is to create a consistent visual image that shows what the company stands for and how it acts.

UI Graphic Design: UI (user interface) graphic design is making the buttons, icons, and layouts that make up a user interface. The goal of UI graphic design is to create an interface that is easy to use and looks good.

Web Graphic Design: Web graphic design makes graphics, icons, and layouts for websites. The goal of graphic web design is to make a website that looks good and is easy to move around.

Packaging Graphic Design: Packaging graphic design is making labels, boxes, and bags for packaging a product. The goal of graphic packaging design is to make the product look good and get the message across.

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