What are the 3 types of graphic

What are the 3 types of graphic?

There are a lot of different kinds of graphics that are used depending on the situation and the information being shared. So, here are three main types of graphics that are often used:

Diagrams: A diagram is a simplified picture that shows how an idea or process works. Diagrams can be used to show how different parts or elements are related to each other or to show how something works. Flowcharts, mind maps, and organizational charts are all examples of diagrams.

Graphs and charts: Charts and graphs are graphics that show data in numbers. You can use them to show trends or patterns, compare data, or show how statistics work together. Line graphs, bar charts, and pie charts are all charts and graphs.

Maps: A map is a picture of a place that shows its physical features, political borders, and other important details. Maps can show where things are, how places are connected, or help people find their way around.

These are just a few examples of the many different graphics that can be used to show information. Do you want to know anything else about graphics?

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